Vape nerds argue over manufacturing processes the way vinyl collectors debate sound quality. Some power vapers claim that the finest distillate can only be formulated via the unconventional process of freezing the cannabis into “live resin,” thereby maintaining the strain’s true terpene profile in ways that standard concentrate extraction processes cannot.BUY RAW GARDEN CARTS RAW GARDEN BATTERY FOR SALE 

This weed reporter is nowhere near technical enough to understand these arguments. But I can confirm that a new variety of live resin distillate cartridges from Raw Garden gets you super-high, and right at the $20 sweet spot for a half-gram cartridge.

 Your local dispensary will probably only carry a few.BUY RAW GARDEN CARTS RAW GARDEN BATTERY FOR SALE 

SF Evergreen fired up a variety called Kimbo Chem, an Indica hybrid of Kimbo Kush and Kosher Chem

Kimbo Chem comes with a brain-blowing 85.3-percent THC content, and slightly more than 1.5-percent CBD on top of that for good measure. The buzz is a very uplifting, energetic high well-suited for an all-day weekend adventure.

These Raw Garden products are half-gram cartridges that fit right in to a standard vape pen. There is absolutely nothing fancy about the appearance factor here, but the cartridge is sturdy and the oil inside is of notably good quality.

 But realize that the price will creep a little over $20 once you pay the required state and local taxes.


The whole range of 80 Raw Garden cartridge strains vary significantly in their THC and CBD content, but all are massively potent. The Kimbo Chem we tried clocked in at higher than 85 percent THC.


The scent of your exhaled smoke has a hint of fruit, but not really a hint of weed.

Taste: Just a subtle taste of your strain of origin, with puffs that produce the super-billowy clouds that many of us so enjoy.

Appearance: The packaging is just a ho-hum cardboard box, and the cartridge’s appearance is wholly generic. But the distillate inside is devastatingly effective.

Medical Application: The 80 different varieties will obviously deliver a range of effects, but do expect a vigorous buzz in each case.

Effect: Cheap thrills with no frills, just a mighty powerful cartridge 


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