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Buy weed online in Australia; But reports from Down Under have indicated that the road to acquiring medicinal cannabis in Australia might be bumpier than most people realize. The event, which took place at the University of Sydney on Monday, brought together government representatives, academics, and patient advocates. John Skerritt, deputy secretary for health products regulation at Australia’s Department of Health, cited “the 48-hour turnaround online portals” as evidence of a streamlined application process.Buy weed online in Australia buy marijuana in Australia Where to buy weed in Australia Buy wax Australia Buy weed online


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ace of spades

Senate scraps rules on medicinal cannabis

 Senate scraps rules on medicinal cannabis

Terminally-ill patients waiting months to access medicinal cannabis could have that slashed to just hours after a backflip by crossbench senators. Senate scraps rules on medicinal cannabis laws

The Greens have succeeded in scrapping rules which made it harder for dying patients to access medical cannabis.

The changes mean ill patients will get quicker access to medicinal cannabis, prescribed by a doctor, allowing access under  Therapeutic Goods Administration category A list.

Access is now available under category B, which the Greens say can take months for approval.

Tuesday’s vote came after One Nation and independent Jacqui Lambie backtracked on their original positions, teaming up with Labor and the Greens to defeat the government.cannabis laws

Pauline Hanson votes against the move and was deceived by the government, saying she was falsely assured terminally-ill patients had access to adequate supplies of the drug.

“I was not informed correctly by the government,” she told the Senate.

She rejected the government claims that axing the rules would allow, uncontrolled importation of cannabis into Australia.

 Medicinal cannabis said to be a risk to lives

Health Minister Greg Hunt slammed the change as reckless and irresponsible, saying it will remove protections against unsafe medicinal cannabis that could be diverted for criminal use.

The move was in defiance of advice from the medicines regulator. cannabis laws

“The Therapeutic Goods Administration could not be clearer, it is a potential risk to health, live,” Mr. Hunt

” A safe, legal way to access medicinal cannabis in Australia – 133 patients already been…”Senate scraps rules on medicinal cannabis

Greens leader Richard Di Natale labeled the government’s complaints “utter nonsense”.

“What this change does is … if you’ve got a terminal illness you can go and see a GP and if the drug is not available here in Australia, they can order it for you and you can source it from other regulated markets,” he said. Senate scraps rules on medicinal cannabis

Opposition health on medical cannabis

Opposition health spokeswoman Catherine King said it was a win for dying Australians.

“We hope the government implement a national scheme and stigmatizing the people trying to get medicinal cannabis,” she said.

Doctors warn the move will undermine the existing, safe process for the sake of political point-scoring. cannabis laws

“When it comes to medicinal cannabis we need to keep politics out of healthcare”. Australian College president Bastian Seidel

“This change undermines the reporting and monitoring processes to the detriment of patients and their doctors.”