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Adult-Use of Marijuana: Why Is It Trending?

Adult-Use of Marijuana: Why Is It Trending?

Medical use of marijuana has been one of the hottest topics around the world, considering the protests being held for legalizing the very use of marijuana. But one thing that still went absurd is the significantly increasing number of individuals who think adult-use of marijuana should be legalized. If we consider the consensus around the world regarding marijuana use, we can see that even if medical grounds are strong enough to legalize this plant, it’s still dangerous for other reasons, being addictive being the topmost.

So why is it so, that the supports of adult or recreational use of marijuana are growing in number for the past few years? And when we say supporters, we include influential names like Phil Murphy. According to a press release published by Marijuana Business Daily, the New Jersey governor has been planning to legalize adult-use of marijuana in his state for a long time, and now he has come up with the same proposition but for a different reason altogether, economy. He backed his argument by mentioning the beneficial impact marijuana will have on the economy and how skilfully it will mitigate the current downfall in economy which the state faced during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Suppose you’re an active user of marijuana in Germany, and you’re try to Buy Weed Online, now if you witness that you don’t have to be scared of being caught under criminal offenses, how would you feel? Of course it’ll be like a dream come true. That’s what Murphy’s approach is all about. He wants to legalize the use of marijuana on a scale where no individual is subject to an arrest regarding marijuana use. A report published by New Jersey Perspective Policy, back in 2016, legalizing adult-use of marijuana could bring in an estimate of $300 million annually in for of tax revenue.  


Now if we look back at the root cause of legalizing adult use of marijuana, can it be solely for money? Or money is just being used as a front for legalizing it for good? If we take a look at the individuals who are being benefitted by this plant, legalizing can be a boon for them, but the nations are not famous for legalizing it just for the people, are they? Obviously not. But on a serious note, it would be too ambiguous on our part to say that it’s all about money. Even if it is, it’s good for the people and for the world economy too. If we take a look at the numbers we mentioned earlier, we an see how beneficial legalization can be.

On a concluding note, it shouldn’t just be in New Jersey, but the entire world that considers such an argument. If an individual is trying to Buy Purple Haze Online In UK, he shouldn’t feel like a criminal. Even if it’s a farfetched dream, adult-use of marijuana has seen a cryptic green light when it was decided to be put on the ballot in New Jersey in November. When we say green light, it signifies the fact that according to a recent poll on the matter almost half of the users were in support of this argument.

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